Aikeon’s 0 Hit Point Table

In the B/X Moldvay rules reaching 0 hit points means your character died. For our B/X campaign on Twitch and YouTube, we wanted a little extra survivability. For the sake of the stream, so we were not constantly rerolling characters. The game is played on Roll20 so we created a table by modifying the Lingering... Continue Reading →

Prep or Die

Join DM Jeremy and DM Aphi of The Vaktare, as they challenge three guest Dungeon Masters to prep a 1-shot adventure in 30minutes or less.

Moldvay Basic & Expert Campaign

We have kicked off our Moldvay Basic & Expert campaign with some of our followers from Instagram. The campaign takes place in a homebrew world called Aikeon and the world is dying. The players are apart of a refugee convoy traveling North hoping to find a way off of Aikeon. Jump over to our YouTube channel and Subscribe to follow the campaign.

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