More Brother Ryn

I play Brother Ryn in Miniwargaming’s Heroes of Harinburg D&D campaign. The game is streamed Tuesdays from 1230pm – 430pm EST on their Twitch channel. The game is also posted to their YouTube channel a few days later. Brother Ryn is a cleric of the Grave and follows Kallina, the Goddess of the Dead. You can check out Brother Ryn’s character... Continue Reading →

Brother Ryn

I play Brother Ryn in Miniwargaming's Heroes of Harinburg D&D campaign. The game is streamed Tuesdays from 1230pm - 430pm EST on their Twitch channel.

Weekend in Thule

A weekend game with old friends always takes the form of a one shot and it was my turn to jump behind the DM screen. I decided we would step into the world of Primeval Thule and I would run Richard Baker's, Secret of the Moon Door.

Birth of a Kingdom

The Kingdom was formed out of a necessity for defense against the goblinoid hordes of Hildrakk. The Lords of South Khrullion formed an alliance to defend their homes and families.

D&D at The Devil’s Bench

I have been what they call the "house DM" at The Devil's Bench for the past two years. Even though I don't game for the accolades, I kind of like the sound of that "title". It's a great unneeded boost to my ego. With the conclusion of my last campaign I took a short break... Continue Reading →

Halloween Gaming – Dread

I dungeon master an annual Halloween one-shot D&D game. This will be my third year doing it. We've done a vampire adventure, a mummy adventure and this year it was a haunted house. I always DM with a costume on, and our hostess does up the house and food in Halloween fashion. It's great fun,... Continue Reading →

Human, Subraces

Primeval Thule already introduced a human subrace with the Atlanteans, so why not take it a step further and create all the human cultures of Thule as subraces.

Thoughts on Primeval Thule

There are no shortage of setting books for fantasy role playing games. There was a time when they were scarce, but the internet changed all that. I am fond of setting books because I find them to be a source of inspiration. That being said, I don't commonly run adventures or campaigns set in them.... Continue Reading →

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