Ragnarok XP 2023

I will be attending and sponsoring the Ragnarok XP 2023 convention in Kitchener, Ontario. The event is taking place April 22-23. I will be running a couple of Dungeons and Dragons 5E sessions and an old school D&D (BECMI) game.

Visit https://ragnarokxp.com/ to get your badge and sign up!

[D&D5e] The Saltmarsh Pact
Saltmarsh made a dark pact to secure favorable weather and fishing over the years, but the price has become too much. They need heroes to venture into the drowned forest and end the pact. Join DM Jeremy of Old Men Rolling Dice for this dark tale. Beginner friendly.

[D&D5E] Cirque du Soulless
A group of investigators are hired to find a missing amphora vase. Their investigation leads them to Mademoiselle Morrigan’s Magnificent Menagerie, a sideshow carnival at the city’s edge. Join DM Jeremy of Old Men Rolling Dice for this twisted tale. Beginner friendly.

[BECMI] Dungeons of Wyvernmoor
This adventure uses the BECMI D&D rules. In this game we go big! Big group! Big Table! Big Adventure! In the Age of Heroes, the Red Queen and her demon allies destroyed the city of Wyvernmoor. The silent ruins span out around an ancient citadel, only the brave or foolish tread there. What stirs beneath the broken citadel, what have you disturbed? Join DM Jeremy of Old Men Rolling Dice for this tale of adventure. Beginner friendly.

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