Chapter 8: S2 White Plume Mountain Finale

Welcome to our S2 White Plume Mountain, live play!

White Plume Mountain, a former dormant volcano, assumed to be the ‘Feathered Mound’ mentioned in a mysterious note left in place of each artifact that was stolen. Keraptus, an eccentric legendary wizard, whose name has been lost to all but the most dedicated scholars. He, or an impostor, has resurfaced and set his unknown plans into action. Keraptus, has stolen three artifacts and in their place left a note of clues on how to find them. The owners of the artifacts have asked the adventurers to retrieve and return them.

Grab a beverage and enjoy!

Old Men Rolling Dice Links

Dungeon Master: Devin

Our adventurers!

DMs Guild: White Plume Mountain

Music: This Old Man (instrumental) – The Green Orbs

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