Moldvay Basic & Expert Campaign

We have kicked off our Moldvay Basic & Expert campaign with some of our followers from Instagram. The campaign takes place in a homebrew world called Aikeon and the world is dying. The players are apart of a refugee convoy traveling North hoping to find a way off of Aikeon. Jump over to our YouTube channel and Subscribe to follow the campaign.

I am Ketris, of the Phoenix Order. Aikeon is dying. The arch mages known as The Five have slain the sun and the source of all life. Our fiery sun is now nothing more than a small white dot in the sky. Our daylight hours are little more than twilight and our nights are darker still, as the faces of our moons (Luna, Erebos and Kerberos) reflect even less light.

Aikeon’s path through the void has changed and the stars look different. As it’s course changes the world has been wracked by enormous storms and earthquakes. Coastal kingdoms have disappeared, claimed by the seas that once fed them. Even though our world has dimmed, our new sun burns hotter. Places that once knew four seasons now only know one. The deserts expand and devour our forests and lakes.

Few of the former kingdoms remain and The Five arch mages who brought about this cataclysm seem to have retreated from this world, leaving it to die without them. On the continent of Glaseya rumor has begun to spread that the elves of Asari have a way off of Aikeon. However, there are few paths that stretch as far North as Asari and the way is fraught with danger. This also assumes that the elves of Asari would even welcome refugees.

We of the Phoenix Order continue to research ancient prophecies and search for answers. We hope that there is a way to save Aikeon… but time is not our ally and it is unclear that anyone remains with the power to undo what The Five have done. If we are to rise from the ashes of our star it will take a miracle.

Campaign Map

Aikeon – Campaign Map

Player Character Sheets

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