Insta Dungeon

We are going to be trying something new on our Instagram account. We hope it will be interactive and engaging for our followers. We will be posting images of a group of adventures as they plum the depths of a dungeon. However, which way the adventures explorer and how they go about it will be left to our followers. They can leave messages in the comments and reply with dice rolls to influence the outcome and flow of the adventure.

Think of it as a Dungeons & Dragons, choose your own adventure book brought to life on Instagram. Stitch us videos of D20 rolls to play in the action! Join us and decide what the heroes will do and let us know what you think. Meet our four brave heroes below…

The Heroes!

Kingdom of Elturgard

Our Insta Dungeons will be taking place in the Forgotten Realms in the Kingdom of Elturgard. You can learn more about this small kingdom here. An ancient evil is rising and only our heroes can stop it.

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