Call of Cthulhu: Servants of the Lake Ep 03 (Finale)

WARNING: This episode is violent and may disturb some listeners.

This is the finale of Servants of the Lake and we are really happy with how this LIVE play series turned out. Give it a listen if you like HP Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu like stories.

Welcome to our Servants of the Lake, Call of Cthulhu live play.

A 1920s scenario in New England. The investigators have been contacted by a banker named Gerald Frazer, in regards to his missing son James. They arrived at the Squatter’s Lake Motel and have made some grizzly discoveries.

Our investigators:

  • Bob Bucket, Driver, Iain
  • Elsworth Spectre, Parapsychologist, Jason
  • Jamison Grey, Dilettante, Don
  • Winston Albertson, Antiquarian, Andrew

Music: Villain’s by Alexander Nakarada
Sound effects obtained from:

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