Tales from D&D’s Satanic Panic


In the 80s and 90s Dungeons & Dragons was believed to be a force of corrupting the youth. This strange time in the history of the game is referred to as the Satanic Panic. Jason and Jeremy are joined by Nate and Jeff to discuss their experiences with fears surrounding our favourite roleplaying game.

2 thoughts on “Tales from D&D’s Satanic Panic

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  1. I have never tried D&D, but it was really cool to listen to the satanic panic episode. Mostly because my brother was a guest, but it is also heartwarming to hear about a community of people who develop close meaningful friendships through the game. This episode helps listeners to understand the importance of reserving judgement of people, until you know what they are all about.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Andrew! This discussion was thought provoking for Jason and I and we enjoyed talking with Jeff and Nathan.


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