Grognards – DM Chat Ep04

Episode 04 of our DM Chat Show that has yet to be named. Ever heard of a Grognard? We chat with Judge Bryan about his love Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games. A game inspired by early versions of tabletop gaming, when a Dwarf was a Dwarf and a 2 Armour Class was amazing!

Hosts: Jason and Jeremy
Guests: Bryan

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  1. My big problem with killing a character and telling them to make a new character: you have an established party. Their next character may be just as fun as their last character, but guess what: it’s going to be nearly the same character because the party already has a tank, rogue, and cleric. So are you making another sorcerer, or to be a little different, a wizard?

    As a DM, I love skill check rolls and pre-made results generally divided up in increments of 4: 8: you totally believe him, 12: you’re sure he’s scamming you and could pay more, 16: you think he’s left some important detail out about the job, 20: he twitched when he said you just have to clear the house of bandits, you’re sure there’s something besides bandits, 24: his nervous inflection makes you want to ask more about how the bandits got into the house (and asking this forces the npc to mention his cousin found out about his money and that the cousin hired the bandits and that’s why they have a hell hound with them). Yes, this can cause an adventure to go sideways on you as the players may randomly get some lucky rolls and off they go in a different direction — forget the bandits, we’re attacking the cousin’s fortress! You have to know a LOT of details (or be good at making stuff up fast) to play this way.


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