Citadel Contrast Paint

The other night, three of the Old Men Rolling Dice team gathered to have a few beverages and to paint some miniatures. Of the three, only one of us had any experience, the other two were complete rookies. We made a run to the local hobby store and grabbed some new Citadel contrast paint and got to it.

So, what’s contrast paint? Our simplest explanation is that it combines a base coat with a shade. Combining these two steps into one is a great time saver, but it also gives the painter immediate results on how their miniature is going to turn out. Beginner painters don’t always realize just how great applying a shade coat can make their miniature look. The contrast paint gets you to that stage quickly and rookie painters are immediately rewarded with a great looking model.

Check out our owlbear miniature below, by Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures. The painter had never painted a miniature before and contrast paint helped him achieve a level of detail he did not think was possible.

The steps were simple, we started by under-spraying the the miniature with wraithbone and then started applying the contrast colours. What seemed a daunting task to our rookie painter was soon a lot of fun. It took no time at all before we had painted miniatures!

We are now huge fans of the Citadel Contrast paints, because they allow us to achieve results that we didn’t think were possible. The feathers of the owlbear are a great example. Its only one colour, but there is a variation of shade throughout the entire body. Give them a try!

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