Ryn’s Return

I play Brother Ryn in Miniwargaming’s Heroes of Harinburg D&D campaign. The game is streamed Tuesdays from 1230pm – 430pm EST on their Twitch channel. The game is also posted to their YouTube channel a few days later.

Brother Ryn is a cleric of the Grave and follows Kallina, the Goddess of the Dead. You can check out Brother Ryn’s character sheet on DnD Beyond

Return to Harinburg

Life on a boat is not the kind of life Ryn wanted. He was miserable and in his mind that’s what he deserved. A miserable existence to atone for his error in judgement. Following his re-birth he turned inward and contemplative. The men on board the ship began to call him “Owl” as he said nothing and just watched them. Just a dead stare like the emblem of the owl on his shield and tabard.

Had he chosen wrong? Should he have died that day? What force had triggered his rebirth? If Kallina didn’t want him to live why did she allow it? Why after his sin did he continue to channel her power and blessing? Was he now an enemy of the Silver Shroud? Maybe this was just fate and his choices were irrelevant. Was this some pre-designed plan? The argument the necromancer had presented beneath the city also replayed… was it all a lie?

After 2 years of sailing on that accursed ship, Ryn stepped onto the docks of Harinburg. This city had become a part of him and he felt at home for the first time in a long while. He returned to the lower city a place where people and things can be forgotten among the poor, the rejected. He became known as Brother Owl, a cleric for the people of the lower city. The questions continued to plague Ryn’s mind, but he did his best to focus on the first teaching of Kallina: “Death is not to be feared, so celebrate life and live each day without hesitation.” He tried to give hope to those that had lost it and would speak openly to the residents of the lower city about the teachings of Kallina.

It was here he met Garret a man of faith and the two spoke of God’s and faith. He would meet regularly with Garret and found himself letting his guard down. He did not openly admit to his sin, but for the first time in a long while he shared his thoughts on faith. Not generally speaking, but his own faith and how it had been shaken. His partial confession to Garret has cemented a bond between the two.

Garret has become a friend and Ryn continues to stand strong with the first teaching of Kallina. But the second and third teachings haunt him each night during his prayers. “Death is natural, one should not avoid going to meet Kallina at the river.” and more still is that “All things must end. Death is permanent, the dead must remain dead.

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