Brother Ryn

I play Brother Ryn in Miniwargaming’s Heroes of Harinburg D&D campaign. The game is streamed Tuesdays from 1230pm – 430pm EST on their Twitch channel. The game is also posted to their YouTube channel a few days later.

Brother Ryn is a cleric of the Grave and follows Kallina, the Goddess of the Dead. You can check out Brother Ryn’s character sheet on DnD Beyond

The Tale of Brother Ryn

In my youth I was a simple man, a tanner and leatherworker in the town of Tarrington. I was by no means a master of my craft, but I made enough to keep food in my belly and rain off my head. I had a wife who was plain to others and beautiful to me. My youth was wasted looking to the stars and wishing for more. Putting little worth in what I had. I was fool hardy and I felt invulnerable… maybe even immortal.

My wife (Gwendyl) soon became pregnant and for perhaps the first time in my life I felt blessed. It was winter when the babe came and the stars that I had wished upon had not heard my prayers. My wife languished in labour and the midwife warned that if something were not to change I would lose both my wife and child. I pleaded ignorantly to the dark skies that night, asking for things I felt I deserved. Something heard my pleas and my daughter Taya was born. But she would only ever know her father..

I raised Taya as best I could. There was wonder and magic in her eyes. She taught me to value what I have and dare I say how blessed I was. Time is a funny thing though and Taya did not stay young forever. Neither did I, my hands now looked like the leather I worked with for so many years. Taya would soon find a husband and I her father would be left alone. A prospect I found terrifying.

A “Stranger” came calling to the village, in a great black carriage.  The stranger would stay in Tarrington for many days and during that time Taya would become his obsession. Again, cruel youth would not alert her to any danger and she fell under the control of the Stranger’s charms. There were many unusual occurrences during the Stranger’s stay and the superstitious people of Tarrington, including myself would raise torches against the stranger. It was too late… my lovely Taya had become an unholy creature and servant of the Stranger. My daughter would leave me with many scars… the least of which are the ones that people can see.

That thing, which was once my daughter left with the Stranger. I would nurse my wounds with ale and rye for many moons after. I lost my shop and with it my livelihood. I would travel to the nearby city of Harinburg where I would beg in the streets. When I was at my lowest I would be lifted by the kindness of a priest, a woman I would come to know as Sister Zarrisa took pity on me. I had looked to stars and pleaded to gods for so many years and now when I wanted to die and leave it all behind, life intervened. Sister Zarissa saved me in more ways than she’d ever know.

Some might find it humourous to know that I was born again within the temple of Kallina, the Goddess of the Dead. This cruel joke is not lost on me and still to this day it makes me smile. I found great comfort in the many scrolls and teachings of Kallina, until at last I took solemn vows to be in her service. I am no longer a young man, but I now live by her three commandments:

  1. Death is not to be feared, so celebrate life and live each day without hesitation.
  2. Death is natural, one should not avoid going to meet Kallina at the river. All things must end.
  3. Death is permanent, the dead must remain dead.

Although I’m a simple brother of her teachings, I now strive to join the Order of the Shroud. These crusaders, stand by Kallina’s 3rd commandment. Death is permanent and creatures like the Stranger and whatever became of my Taya are an abomination. I must gain more competency with my abilities and face the undead on my own before petitioning the Order of the Shroud for membership.

It is time for me to live and be grateful for the things I have. The past cannot be undone. I can no longer hide in ale or in beggar’s garbs. Doing so would waste my days and Kallina’s teachings tell us to live full, so that we may leave this world without regret. There are others that life has tripped or beaten and I would extend my hand to them as Sister Zarrisa did for me. As a boy I may have thought I was immortal, now I know such thoughts are sinful. I have a limited amount of time here. I’ll make a difference before meeting my Goddess.

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