Halloween Roleplaying – Dread

I am the storyteller of an annual Halloween one-shot at our local gaming store. This will be our second year using the roleplaying game Dread. I’m a big fan of this little independent roleplaying game. I have not found a better game to create suspense and tension at the gaming table.

So, this year I took the Dread scenario, “Beneath a Full Moon” and then tweaked it to better suit our purpose. In the original scenario players take on the role of college students, rafting in the Grand Canyon for spring break. They are soon attacked, chased and hunted by a monster. For our Halloween game we dress up in costumes and for this reason I thought college students were a little mundane. I set our story in the Weird West, combining elements of  Western, steampunk and the occult genres. The characters survive an airship crash in the mountains and have to escape from a monster that relentlessly hunts them. I renamed the scenario “Beneath a Clockwork Moon”.

Again this year my players did a great job with their costumes and a few even took on accents for their role. As always our story is told by candle light. Which really adds something to the spooky aura. I find it liberating to role-play by candle light. You can really step out of you comfort zone and go all in on the acting. There is no need to feel silly or shy when the shadows partially hide you.

My silent storyteller was Alex. He listens to the game and then cues sound effects. I describe things and then the players really hear the wolves howl, the wind blowing, the rain pouring and the thunder booming. It adds an immeasurable amount of verisimilitude while we play.

I recently subscribed to the free trial offer over at Project Alpha. I have been watching  @Hydra_Lord masterfully storytelling his Sagas of Sundry. His Dread games are really something to behold. He adds a number of physical challenges to the Dread RPG and I borrowed some of them for our Halloween game. For example, I asked a player to balance a stack of large wooden blocks on their outstretched hand, while the other players made pulls from the tower. I taped a prop (journal) to the bottom of the table before the players arrived for the game. Then when they went reaching under some floor boards, I had them literally reach beneath the table blindly to find the journal.

It was another great Halloween game of Dread and I can’t wait for next year’s story! Check out some pictures of the game below.


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