Birth of a Kingdom

The Kingdom was formed out of a necessity for defense against the goblinoid hordes of Hildrakk. The Lords of South Khrullion formed an alliance to defend their homes and families in 1216KD. Goblin raids declined for a short time against the united defenses. A bugbear chieftain named Hulgat rose to power in 1218KD. He led the largest goblin horde the people of Khrullion had ever seen, into the lowlands through the Drakk Pass. Hulgat sacked the city of Northgate and threatened its neighbouring cities.

Lord Takkar, displaced from his home in Northgate, rallied the free peoples of South Khrullion and formed an alliance with the Gael barbarians to the south. Together they took back the city of Northgate and following the battle the Kingdom was born. Lord Takkar was crowned the King of Khrullion and during the ordination the capital was renamed King’s Gate.

King Takkar ruled well until his death in 1248KD. Under his son’s (Takkar II) rule the Kingdom’s wealth would grow, large quantities of silver and iron were drawn from the Dragonscale Mountains in the West. The increased presence in the western foothills angered the dragon Cinderfang, who claimed the domain as his own. Tension between the Kingdom and the dragon rose, until at last the beast razed the town of Riverwatch in 1262KD. A band of heroes quickly retaliated against Cinderfang and the beast was slain.
In the year 1267KD a plague known as the fire fever swept across Kingdom. The fever took many lives and it did not discriminate, rich or poor. King Takkar II, fell ill and died to the fever during the year long plague.

This left the Kingdom of Khrullion to his son Takkar III. King Takkar III was soon ordained after his father’s death and almost immediately wed Lady Avarin of Tylis. His reign was short lived; an unknown ailment overtook King Takkar III and he died suddenly. With no heir, Lady Avarin became the Queen of Khrullion in 1272KD.

Shortly after mourning the loss of her husband, the new Queen imposed sweeping changes upon the Kingdom. Doubting the wisdom of her rulership, many Lords spoke out against her. Lords who opposed her changes began to disappear and there was talk of assassinations. Lord Jerem of Wyvernmoor was the loudest of these rebels and renounced the Queen, accusing her of murdering Takkar III.

The Queen’s army would siege Wyvernmoor in 1274. Her elite guard, known as The Black Suns, dragged Lord Jerem from his keep and executed him for treason. His heir, Rayan was not found and the Queen declared the young noble a traitor, seizing all of his wealth and lands. Those who witnessed the siege of Wyvernmoor, tell tales of demons fighting alongside the Queen’s army.

Following the siege, the Kingdom saw more change. The Queen rose above the laws of the Kingdom and traditions were thrown aside. Taxation and extortion became rampant. The penalties for breaking the laws of the land became extremely harsh; unless, you  could afford to pay off the so-called justice.

In the spring of 1279KD the city of Tylis ended its fealty to Khrullion. The holy city looks to Paladin-Lord Tamiel to lead them. Fearing the demonic allies of the Queen, Tamiel ordered the holy city be purged of all tieflings. The Knights of the Silver Shield burnt hundreds of tieflings at the stake in a single evening. This genocidal act is now remembered as The Night of Light.

It is now 1280KD, Khrullion is the domain of Avarin, The Red Queen. Her alliance with a dark power is undeniable; The Black Suns (her elite guard) mix their ranks with cambions and worse. The capital, King’s Gate has become a terrifying sight to behold. Peasants toil in the shadow of its great walls and strange winged demons patrol the skies. The people are crippled beneath the Queens demonic influence and tyranny.

The city of Tylis stands as a beacon on the edge of Khrullion. Its knights keep its borders secure against all manners of evil. However, Tylis shows signs of fanaticism and zealotry. It began with their purge of tieflings, then their formation of the inquisitors, what next step will be taken in the name of safety? Cool heads try and keep the balance in Tylis, with the hope it does not slip into the encompassing darkness.

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