D&D at The Devil’s Bench

I have been what they call the “house DM” at The Devil’s Bench for the past two years. Even though I don’t game for the accolades, I kind of like the sound of that “title”. It’s a great unneeded boost to my ego. With the conclusion of my last campaign I took a short break from DMing. Did some reading and tried to power up my creative batteries.

I am very happy to say that in my absence one of my previous players (Jon) has started DMing his own game at The Bench. I really like the idea of a D&D community growing there. So, now as I return to run another campaign, there is a second table of D&D players in the room. I couldn’t be happier about that. If you’re interested in Jon’s game you can check out its progress on his YouTube channel.

My new campaign at The Devil’s Bench is a return to a previous setting of mine called Khrullion. The setting is vanilla D&D, it assumes if it’s in the Player’s Handbook it’s somewhere in Khrullion. I also do my best to make sure that Khrullion is new player friendly keeping the learning curve to the game gradual. Which is a good thing because my new players are very new to the 5th edition rules. We have started fresh new 1st level characters and the group consists of the following:

Faye, a Human Cleric – A hermit raised among the dwarves of the Kirn Mountains in the East.
Orophell, an Aasimar Paladin – An acolyte on a holy quest, guided by the angel Valandras.
Lyonesse, an Eladrin Archer – A sage of lost magics, seeks to blend them with her fighting style.
Malscythe, a Dragonborn Warlock – An acolyte of dark powers granted by an unknown evil.

I’m not sure I’ll have time to blog each session, but I’ll certainly be giving updates as the games progress. I love being back in Khrullion under the Reign of the Red Queen. My last campaign here saw her rise to power and now we will explore what Khrullion is like under her rule.

Below is the map of Khrullion drawn by Matt Jackson.

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