Primeval Thule – Races

Having Dungeon Mastered a few Thule one shots and a short campaign in Primeval Thule, there are some revisions that I would suggest to make it more low fantasy. It’s my hope that this will make it less likely that my future Thule games will slip into the high fantasy genre.

Elves, dwarves and halflings are one of the staples of high fantasy and while I feel there is a place for them in Thule, I don’t think they need to be a player race. Many of the fantasy D&D races were already removed from the Primeval Thule setting: half-orc, gnome, tiefling and dragonborn. So why stop there?

Elves are from another world and migrated to Thule in ages past. They’re civilization is in decline and many of them have grown addicted to the black lotus milk. I think they make a better mysterious “alien” race and the less the players know about these strange elves the better.

Dwarves migrated to Thule from parts unknown and with the exception a few clans all live in the eastern volcanoes. The best part about Thulean dwarves is that they know the secret of steel. So many great stories come to mind of heroes seeking a dwarf smith to forge them a weapon. They fill a niche as the NPCs who know how to forge steel.

Thulean halflings, to me seem to be an after thought of the design team. Tribal halflings who live in the jungle reminds me of the cannibal halflings in Dark Sun. Besides there are far better pint sized cannibals in Thule like the tcho-tcho. So why keep halflings?

That leaves us with atlanteans, half-elves and humans as player races. It’s a short list, but lets not forget that Thule expands its humans into sub-races. We can further define these sub-races by assigning them unique racial traits specific to their culture/heritage. In the coming weeks I’ll post some examples of the human sub-races for Thule.

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